We are assuming there is only one anchor and assuming the function is organized on January 26

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Good Morning Respected Chief Guest 1 , Principal 1, VP 1, Headmistress 1 , and all other present in the gathering here.

Today is a very auspicious day. Today , we all are gathered here to celebrated the proud day for India, The Republic Day of India.

Before we begin, let me give you some valuable knowledge about Republic Day. This day is celebrated on January 26 every year to give honour to the longest constitution of the largest democracy in the World. This occasion marks the patriotic spirit within us and encourages us to be loyal and respectful towards our nation.

This occasion not only celebrates the constitution of India but also awards the various deserving heroes of our nation with bravery awards. Apart from that gems of our nation receive Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan , Padma Bhushan.

Lamp enlightening event

I request Chief Guest 1, Principal 1 to come on stage and do the honours.

While enlightening event

Light is symbol of  truth, knowledge and understanding. Darkness is the absence of light. This lightning ceremony also relates to life. We should seek knowledge and truth and devoid ourselves from falling into the dark trap of life. I would thank the dignitaries on stage

Flag hoisting event

I would like to event the dignitaries to commemorate the flag hoisting event.

I request all to do a wonderful clap and salute to the flag.

Cultural Song Performance

We would like to invite our school vocal music group/ choir group/ college society to entertain the audience with their wonderful performance.

After performance concludes

Lets have the hugest round of applause for the XYZ group. They surely put whole lot of efforts to entertain us. They deserve this applause. Once again, can we have applause?

Cultural Dance Performance

We would like to invite our school dance group/choir group/college society/ to enthuse the audience with patriotic spirit. Lets encourage them

After cultural dance concludes

WoW!! I am short of words to describe how enthusiastic and energetic that performance was.!! It was just brilliant. This performance makes me feel proud of our country even more.

Cultural skit performance

Drama is an art form. Drama fills our mind , purifies our mind and makes us more aware of our surroundings. Let us welcome our skit group/drama society with a hugest round of applause. This drama will surely make us more proud of our country and will surely develop a sense of fraternity and brotherhood amongst us.

After the skit concludes

Oh My God!!! What a skit by XYZ group! Guys, hats off!!! This skit surely made us recall about our glorious past , the beauty of this country and sacrifices of our nation’s heroes. This has made me held my head higher with more proud and respect.

Vande Mataram 

The audience cheers out!! (3 times)

If some sport event is also organized

We have athletes, sportsperson and young person lined up for our crazy event. Oh my god, see how excited they are.. I request all to enjoy the sports event along , while I request the audience to grab their chairs and entertain themselves.

If some Alumni Meet is also organized

People leave memories when they leave a home. The place where they spent few long memorable years of their life, remains no longer just a place, but it also becomes a next home for them. Well you just guessed it right, these are our ALUMNIs. Lets welcome our alumni-s. Audience cheers and applauds 

Concluding the event

Oh!! What a day it was!! Republic Day could not have been spent better!! On this auspicious occasion, we all gathered and enjoyed our hearts out.. Thank you being here and I would like our Chief Guest to say a few words

Chief Guest addresses the audience

Look out for our Republic Day Quiz on 28th January 2018!!


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